Welcome to Bartek Designs! A place for quality craftsmanship in graphic design, photography and woodworking.

As a photographer, Ryan, started shooting automotive photography as a teenager and continued to pursue photography as a passion. Since the teenage years Ryan has grown in technique and skill that he has applied to a wide variety of creative works, including landscapes, creative art and humans (and animals) in their natural environment.

Wood Working
Wood working is a newer passion for Ryan, that started with practical household items like benches and office furniture and has transitioned to craftsman work. Ryan turns pens, decorations, and household items on a lathe out of wood, acrylic and found items. The process of turning on the lathe is a creative endeavor in which no 2 items can be exactly alike. Ryan has also maintained craftsman skills making a rocking horse, as well as cabinetry and bookshelves.

Graphic Design
Ryan has a bachelors degree in fine arts with a focus on graphic design. Creating logos and items that capture the unique qualities of a business is part of the fun of the work. This design work includes logos, stationery, websites, billboards, packaging, book covers, apparel items, trade show graphics and anything else you can think of. If you have a need, Ryan can design for it.‚Äč